Our Story

At our core, we believe that conservation must be inclusive, equitable and holistic based on a socio-ecological perspective. When we began our journey as Terra Conscious in 2017, we were already working in the field, based in Goa and realised that conservation action for the state's marine & coastal habitat was limited and could be better supported . Through collaborations, community partnerships & multi-stakeholder networks , we have initiated programmes on responsible livelihood development;  raising awareness about wildlife & ecosystems; building capacity through experiential learning programmes & experiences to advocating for responsible governance.


We have learned and unlearned, continuing to evolve as we grow with our collaborators, towards addressing some of the global challenges impacting our communities & the environment. 


We are knowledge driven and believe that we are only as effective as our ability to learn & innovate. Our aim is to provide a supportive, nurturing environment for early career conservation practitioners, students, industry, governance through our impact learning programmes. Along with our impact work, we also offer learning experiences focused on oceans & coasts where the activities are knowledge driven, low footprint and conducted responsibly with our community partners. 



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Director - Conservation Education & Impact Consulting


A conservation practitioner, social entrepreneur & impact consultant with an MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation & Management from the University of Oxford and is a Commonwealth Scholar (2008-09). She brings 13 years of experience in managing conservation programs, campaigns & consulting for non-profit conservation & social impact organisations. She has been awarded the Wildlife Service Award by Sanctuary Nature Foundation, listed amongst the '50 Ambassadors for Sustainable Travel' by Conde Nast Traveller & founded Terra Conscious in 2017, a conservation - social enterprise focused on enabling participatory conservation action through greenskilling & conservation education. 

Director - Responsible Experiences

An experienced Scuba diving Instructor with over 8 years of teaching experience and leading nature trails (kayaking/cycling/diving/nature walks). His enthusiasm for nature, conservation and responsible nature based activities, makes every learning experience he leads,  engaging and enjoyable. Having grown up on the Konkan coast, he is a steady advocate for the protection and responsible management of marine & coastal habitats. A keen photographer, budding naturalist & conservationist, he believes in creating comfortable, safe and immersive experiences that gently take you on a collaborative journey of discovery through biodiverse mangroves, coral reefs, tide pools, forest paths & more. 



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With a passion for wetland conservation, Nisha worked with IUCN (the International Union for Conservation of Nature) for nearly seven years, administering the MFF (Mangroves for the Future) Small Grants initiative, in India. She has an MPhil. in Conservation Leadership (University of Cambridge) and is the Founder of EcoNiche, a collaborative platform for sustainable conservation solutions, She also serves as an Advisor to Terra Conscious, helping us chart our way in the unknown waters of building a conservation - social impact enterprise.



A Master of Arts in Social Work from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Tania is an activist and campaigner with a passion for working on issues that arise in the intersection of human rights, the environment, resource use, gender and conservation. She is passionate about creating alternatives for a sustainable future for the environment and for communities on the frontline of conservation in India, be it by enabling options for sustainable livelihoods in the eco tourism sector or by engaging in community initiatives focused on participatory conservation and species protection. She is also currently experimenting with writing for social change.




After getting a Master's degree in tourism and another in animal rights, Ivan has specialized himself in the marine environment through several expeditions and internships in South Africa, India, and in the Mediterranean Sea. He also joined the Swiss Cetacean Society-SCS in 2017 as a naturalist guide and co-manages several projects between Terra Conscious and the SCS. As a strong animal advocate, he is interested in ways to reconcile species conservation and eco-tourism, which is one of the main reasons why he decided to contribute to Terra Conscious’ work