We conduct in-house outreach activities that are ongoing (run continuously) to raise awareness about issues that commonly affect the environment, in general, and marine conservation, in particular. These activities are not charged. We also conduct workshops and offer experiential learning modules on request for which we charge a fees. These workshops and modules can be combined to form itineraries for young children, students, youth groups or voluntourism enthusiasts. 


(Running continuously)


As a collaborative venture with Saraya Ecostay (our venue partner), we run ‘Eco Movie Nights’ – a weekly screening of environmental documentaries. Post the screening of the film, we facilitate discussions about the themes explored in the film. Award winning films such as Chasing Coral, A Plastic Ocean & Taking Root: The Vision of Wangari Maathai, among many others, have been screened at Eco Movie Nights in the past. To access the library of documentaries and films screened at Eco Movie Night, click the button below: 


We are collaborating with Know Your Fish - an ocean friendly seafood initiative. Know Your Fish aims to encourage and empower consumers to eat seafood responsibly by providing informed fish choices based on a compilation of decades of marine research. Terra Conscious is Know Your Fish's Outreach Partner in Goa. 


(Only on request)

We conduct the  following list of experiential learning modules & workshops. These can be customized to fit the audience and can either be offered as stand-alone workshops or can be combined to form itinerary. 

1. Introduction to Cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) with an emphasis on the Indian Ocean Humpback Dolphin & Responsible Dolphin Watching Practices

Format : Presentation on species,  behaviour, conservation threats and habitat use.

Optional: include Field Trip, Conservation Project & Survey skills

Duration : 1 Day / 2 Days

(November to May)

2) Marine Wildlife Stranding Response & Monitoring Training (Focus : Cetaceans / Sea Turtles)

Format : Presentation with practical session , certificate from IUCN - India and Terra Conscious, option to combine with visit to sea turtle centre in Morjim run by Forest Dept, interaction with coastal forest guards and lifeguards

Duration : Half Day indoor session , 2 day sessions with outdoor component

(all year round)


3) First Aid & CPR Skills Workshop

Format : Indoor presentation

Duration : 1 Day

(all year round) 


4) Coral Ecology & Artificial Reefs

Format : Indoor presentation, brainstorming and designing your own artificial reef model, option to combine with scuba diving courses or try dives, underwater coral survey techniques, option to include inter-tidal pool beach walk

Duration : 2 days / 1 week (if scuba diving is included)

(November to May)


5) Sustainable Fisheries & Conscious Consumption

Format : Indoor presentation, visit to the fishing jetty, interaction with fishing communities, understanding unsustainable fishing practices, Know Your Fish initiative for sustainable consumption

Duration: 2 days.

(all year around)


6) Sustainable Living & Conscious Travel

Format : Indoor session, with interactive modules on how to make changes in individual choices to promote sustainable living, reduce waste and understanding your role as a conscious traveler and how your choices impact local environments, communities and policies. 

Duration : 1 day session / 2 days or longer with optional visits to sustainable travel social businesses based in Goa and interaction with change makers who are promoting responsible tourism practices in the state

(all year around)

For all of the above activities, we can provide costings and a detailed schedule based on the activities selected and the number of participants. To book any of these sessions, drop us an email at terraconscious.contact@gmail.com.

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