We offer ethical outdoor activities that provide an opportunity to engage with the local biodiversity and natural environments. All our trips are knowledge driven and aim to be as sustainable and eco conscious as possible.





With a hope to lead by example, our experiences are conducted through a curated community network of like minded, passionate individuals who share our values.


All our experiences are conducted by trained and certified instructors. We only use high quality, safe and durable equipment. Compliant with international safety standards.


Our trips strive to be as eco-conscious as possible. All our trips include opportunities to do a clean up. We use no plastic and leave little to no trace on the eco-systems we engage with. 


All our trips include a presentation by conservationists that allow you to learn about and enjoy the eco-system you are experiencing simultaneously.




The Ocean Biodiversity Experience is our flagship programme and Goa’s only ethical dolphin watching experience! Led by a conservation professional, this experience comes with an opportunity to learn about the Indian Ocean Humpback Dolphin and the magnificent marine life found in Goa. Take in the stunning views of the Arabian Sea on this 2 hour boat ride, exploring the river mouth and marine habitat. To top it all, enjoy the true essence of wildlife watching and if lucky, spot Goa’s endangered dolphin in its natural habitat.


Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Operational Months : October to May

Cost: 2500/- INR 

Start Time : 7:00 am

Location: Sinquerim Jetty, Candolim




The most recent addition to our responsible travel experiences, the Backwater Kayaking Trail is one of the best ways to unwind and explore Goa’s striking mangrove forests. This immersive, guided experience is an opportunity to learn how to duck and paddle through these intricate ecosystems, while observing first hand, the diverse wildlife it protects. Most importantly, be a part of a zero waste, low carbon footprint experience, intended to educate travellers about the role that mangroves play in climate defence. 


Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Operational Months: Runs throughout the year. 

Cost: 2000/- INR 

Location: Candolim River, near Nerul bridge.





This 4km ride through a private, protected forest is not only an absolute treat to all your senses, but will also make you fall in love with early mornings in Goa. Surrounded by green fields fringing the neighbouring villages, this trail is home to some incredible bird species, including hornbills, kingfishers, sunbirds and more. Not to miss the delicious home cooked breakfast waiting for you at the end of your ride!


Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Operational Months: Runs throughout the year. 

Start Time : 7:00 am (morning ride) / 4:00 pm (evening ride)

Cost: 2350/- INR

Location: Camurlim, Near Mapusa 




The Conservation Diver Programme has an experience to offer for all diving enthusiasts. A  great way to learn about Goa’s stunning marine ecosystems, these programmes are experiential, educational and opportunities for swimmers and non swimmers to fathom the serenity of the underwater universe and appreciate the incredible marine life they support. 

Duration, Cost, Start time: Differs based on programme

Operational Months : October to May

Location : Grande Island, Vasco

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