Experiential Learning Experiences For Conservation Action

Founded in February 2017, we are a  conservation education based social enterprise, headquartered in North Goa, focusing on Marine & Coastal conservation. We offer integrated conservation learning Programmes &  Experiences conducted through collaborative partnerships. Through our learning experiences & impact programmes, we focus on creating awareness about conservation issues & building capacity for conservation action. 

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“Terra Conscious offers a fabulous holistic experience of dolphin watching in Goa - complete with breakfast, an informative session on dolphins & their habitat as well as fresh snacks on the boat! This allows for an interaction that is both respectable and leisurely, in addition to being informational. Their crew and interns are keen to have you on board and ensure that the experience is warm, while constantly maintaining the excitement of being at sea, in the territory of marine wild life.”


"The dive with Terra Conscious and Roshan were literally life altering. Both my sons and I loved the experience, the knowledge gained and the professional calm approach for our instructor, Roshan. He is an extremely great guy with kids and is the perfect first instructor you want to dive with. Looked forward to our next dive with you guys"

Conservation Diver



"We had a lovely evening of a relaxed kayaking trip into the mangroves of Goa. We learned a bunch about life on mangroves and how important they are for our world. It was beautiful, fun, super chill and the guide was really great. Responsible tourism is the only way to go."


"I have immense respect for all the work Terra Conscious does. They are good people, working towards a better world. So whether you are a local, or a traveller, an adventure junkie or a nature enthusiast, heck even if you are a party animal, take some time out, and sign up for this. Total value for money, its like you are investing in Nature."